Self test

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To increase your awareness of how you are hearing, look at the sample communication situations below.

  1. Do family members or friends accuse you of not listening to them?
  2. Do you often feel that people are mumbling and not speaking clearly? That the volume is ok, but people just aren’t enunciating?
  3. Do you find yourself intently watching a speaker’s mouth?
  4. Do family members complain that you turn the TV or the radio up too loud?
  5. Do you have difficulty hearing alarm signals?
  6. Do you have difficulty hearing a voice from another room?
  7. Do you have difficulty during conversations in a moving car?
  8. Do you often understand only part of what someone has said to you?
  9. Do you find that someone was speaking to you but you did not realize it?
  10. Do you have difficulty with hearing during family dinners at the holidays?

Self-monitoring may help you realize that your family and friends have legitimate concerns about your hearing. These difficulties may not only cause problems for you and your enjoyment of life, but for your family members, friends, and co-workers as well.

If you said yes to two or more of these situations, you should have your hearing checked.

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